Mindy thoroughly enjoys hosting events and connecting with groups, causes, organizations and functions.

Mindy is an excellent host and can be there for you next business workshop, non-profit event, corporate function, group seminar, or intimate affair. Mindy is happy to act as an MC, or take part as a motivational speaker.

Mindy has experience as a motivational speaker talking about change. In the past, Mindy has talked to women about changing their behaviours and adopting healthy lifestyles. She can speak to seeing new opportunities after a loss, such as a divorce or employment. Mindy has thoughtful insights into many topics, and her keys to motivation addresses attitudes, embracing a new mindset, letting go of past behaviours and more.

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Great Results, Personable, High Integrity...

“I have had the opportunity to work with Mindy on a number of occasions and it is always a pleasure. Ever organized and prepared, she really shines when hosting an event. Mindy has the great talent for relating to an audience and making an event run smoothly, on time, all while ensuring those in attendance have a great time.”

~Matt Quin, Manager, Communications and Media Relations, King's University College

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What People Are Saying

"Mindy was always a delight to work with! As a co-host on New Years' Eve at the Hilton her spunky professionalism shone through. The sell-out crowds were always quick to engage Mindy and she was eager to reciprocate. Mindy's energy and enthusiasm helped make New Years' Eve a great success!"

Darrin Pollard, Business Development
London Convention Centre

"Mindy put on a great presentation to 30 youths that were attending the National Leadership Conference (Canada Youth Against Impaired Driving) in May 2011. Mindy had the young individuals comfortable in getting up in front of their peers doing tongue twisters and impromptu conversations. The young leaders really enjoyed the interactive presentation and left feeling empowered and realizing that the way they speak really does matter!"

Traci Boland, Board Member
Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving

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