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Good Afternoon,


I would like to extend a big thank you to Jann Danyluk and all those who attended the "Speaking Matters" seminar at HP University.  You were a receptive and wonderful audience!  I hope you found the information useful and helpful. 





Happy New Year everyone!

"For last year's words belong to last year's language, and next year's words await another voice". 


T.S Eliot


It is time to speak ... 

Sometimes, there are no words...

Watching the coverage of the events as they unfolded in Newtown left me feeling speechless.  No one could know the grief of losing a child.  There are no words.

I've seen a lot of angry words directed at the media. I've seen many sharing a post (possibly now a hoax) from Morgan Freeman, urging people to turn off the news, criticizing the media for sensationalizing the unspeakable events of last Friday morning, and I'm feeling the need to come to the defence of those who work in the industry I love so much.

Perhaps I have a soft spot for reporters who have to cover stories like this one. To watch this unfold, to see the horror and the pain, and then to maintain your composure when you retell the story is a skill, and an excruciating one to learn. Reporters are storytellers, and not all stories are nice. This is a horrible story to have to tell.

I've heard media criticized for using the name of the shooter, and for not mentioning the names of the victims.
Many of the victim's family members have requested privacy in their time of grief. There are a few who have provided the media with pictures and stories about their loved ones. I commend the journalists who have respected the families' right to grieve in private, and for sharing the stories of those who are willing to share in this terrible time.

Yes, there are those who will sensationalize this story.

There are those who are glorifying the shooter in this incident and have glorified the shooters in Aurora, Columbine, Ecole Polytechnique, and so on.

I have been watching the coverage from several networks, and knowing what it is like to be on the other side of that camera and the other side of that microphone, I have to say I am impressed at the sensitivity displayed by the reporters. Perhaps, it is not a blanket criticism, but a criticism directed at members of the media who have been insensitive...

This is a horrible story, but it is a story that needs to be told. This is a story that needs to be dissected, piece by piece until it is understood, or at least until we can agree that we understand enough to take thoughtful and meaningful action. From this awful story has come discussion about gun control and politics, about mental illness and health care coverage and legislation, about safety, trust, and the world we live in, about teaching, pain, and eventually, healing. These are discussions that are long overdue, and quite possibly, it is through these discussions that we might find a solution, or at least a way of preventing something like this from ever happening again. It is a start. By all means, turn off the news when you have seen enough; turn off the news and share a meal with your family and friends. Hug your children.

Yes, the horror is unspeakable. Their pain is unspeakable. There are no words.

But we have to start with words if we are going to find a solution, and shutting out the words of those who are reporting from the scene is turning a blind eye to the truth...

Or maybe that's just me...

A holiday gift that is both free and priceless!

Dear friends,

This holiday season, there is a gift that you can give someone that doesn't cost a single penny. It is simple, meaningful and could plant the seeds for wonderful things to come.  It is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

That gift is you. Your undivided attention given to another person; ears open for listening, mouth ready for speaking. the gift is face to face communication. It is funny that something so simple and something we take for granted has become something so rare in our everyday lives...

Our communication, whether it is personal or for business, has become reliant on technology. Transactions become emails. Arguments become text messages. Feelings become status updates. Even when we are face to face, chances are, one or both of those faces is looking directly into a smartphone, ignoring what is live, flesh and blood, right in front of us. 

I'm not knocking technology. I love my phone and there are many benefits to having it with you most times, but it is highly unlikely that when my life is done and I am ready to cross over to the 'other side' that I am going to say to myself, 'damn, if I had only sent more text messages!'.

This Christmas, look at your kids, your partner, your parents, your friends, your dog, yourself, and give the gift of you. You, uninterrupted. Turn off your phone for 3 hours (my favourite number is 3, you can choose whatever timeline you want), and listen to what they are telling you, or tell them what you have been waiting to tell them. You might reconnect. You might learn something. You might feel something!

Happy holidays!



For those with a passion and a voice...

A wonderful event known as "Ignite London" is being held tonight.  For details, click here .

The Ignite movement is a tremendous outlet for those with a passion, an idea, and a voice.  You don't need to be a professional speaker!  I am looking forward to meeting with the speakers before tonight's challenge, and encourage anyone reading this to check out the website for details about tonight and future Ignite events.  Come and watch and listen, and maybe think about what you would say if you were on that stage...

I hope to see you there, and that when you leave the event tonight, you feel insipired and ignited!




What People Are Saying

"Mindy was always a delight to work with! As a co-host on New Years' Eve at the Hilton her spunky professionalism shone through. The sell-out crowds were always quick to engage Mindy and she was eager to reciprocate. Mindy's energy and enthusiasm helped make New Years' Eve a great success!"

Darrin Pollard, Business Development
London Convention Centre

"Mindy put on a great presentation to 30 youths that were attending the National Leadership Conference (Canada Youth Against Impaired Driving) in May 2011. Mindy had the young individuals comfortable in getting up in front of their peers doing tongue twisters and impromptu conversations. The young leaders really enjoyed the interactive presentation and left feeling empowered and realizing that the way they speak really does matter!"

Traci Boland, Board Member
Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving

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