A new opportunity...

I am thrilled to announce that I will be joining the 98.1 Free FM morning show with Stax, Blair and Heather, filling in for Heather while she is on maternity leave.  I will be joining the team for a chat on Friday morning, November 11, and on a daily basis, beginning the week of November 14.  

To say I am excited for this opportunity is an understatement.  I will be going back to my first love (I am a bit of a news junkie), my second love (talking), surrounded by the talented Steve Stax and Blair Henatyzen, and a whole bunch of other awesomely wonderful people!  

I am looking forward to this experience, in part because I miss radio (you can take the girl out of radio, but you can't take radio out of the girl...), I miss the interaction with the listeners (and many of you have stayed in touch and I love you all soo much for your support), and, well, it was an opportunity that just felt right.  

I hope you will join me by tuning in to Classic Rock 98.1 in the mornings, and why not stay all day? 


Cheers all, and thank you so much for your love and support on this crazy, wild, fun journey!





One of my latest projects...

I am so blessed to be a part of some really amazing, innovative and fun projects.  This is one of the most recent.  Thank you so much to for the connection, to Ruslan Efimov and to Olga for your direction, and to Big Fish Games.  This was so much fun!  Wishing you all much success with this !




Windermere Manor Motivational Speaker Series

I'm very excited to be speaking at Windermere Manor on Wednesday, October 23rd about communicating in a high tech world.

Much of our communication is now done with the help of technology, but is technology really helping us communicate?  Our most important communications are still done face to face, and sometimes, we need to put the phone down and just listen...

Hope to see you there!


P.S  For information and tickets, check out this website



Murder for Hire ... 



Dinner theatre is a fun experience for attendees, but poses some challenges for actors.  

How to command attention when the attention of the audience is elsewhere?  

Simply speaking louder is often not enough to cause the audience to shift focus from their dinner conversations to the players in the performance.  Projecting your voice is a part of it, but commanding attention with your voice requires a number of steps, a strong, resonant vocal performance, and the right chemistry!

I am very much looking forward to a workshop with a group of actors from 'Murder for Hire'.  Check out their website ,   for upcoming performances and how to contact them.  






Power of the Purse - September 25, 2013

I am honoured and excited to be part of a lineup of dynamic, inspiring women at the 5th annual Women's Conference, Power of the Purse, 2013!  

Come for a day of networking, meeting new friends and business connections, enjoy lunch, shop in the marketplace and listen to some very cool stories from some very cool ladies. 

To purchase tickets or to find out more about the 5th annual one day women's conference, Power of the Purse, click here

See you on September 25th!



What People Are Saying

"Mindy was always a delight to work with! As a co-host on New Years' Eve at the Hilton her spunky professionalism shone through. The sell-out crowds were always quick to engage Mindy and she was eager to reciprocate. Mindy's energy and enthusiasm helped make New Years' Eve a great success!"

Darrin Pollard, Business Development
London Convention Centre

"Mindy put on a great presentation to 30 youths that were attending the National Leadership Conference (Canada Youth Against Impaired Driving) in May 2011. Mindy had the young individuals comfortable in getting up in front of their peers doing tongue twisters and impromptu conversations. The young leaders really enjoyed the interactive presentation and left feeling empowered and realizing that the way they speak really does matter!"

Traci Boland, Board Member
Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving

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