Meet Mindy

Media personality, teacher-trainer and voice expert, Mindy Williamson engages crowds with her dynamic and inspiring style.

Mindy is a Londoner you want to get to know. You might feel like you’re already friends after hearing her on morning radio, as a morning host and news anchor, seeing her at special events talking about causes that matter, or listening to her segment entitled “The World According to Mindy”. The truth is, there’s a lot more to the woman behind that voice you recognize.

Meet Mindy the Londoner. Mindy grew up in London and absolutely loves the city! She lives in the heart of it, and enjoys exploring all it has to offer, including the nature trails, incredible restaurants and endless musical venues.

Meet Mindy the woman. Not only is she a woman, but she’s a mother and a dog lover too. She’s an experienced writer, enjoys being active at the gym, running, and practicing yoga. Each year, Mindy makes a promise to learn something new and go somewhere she has never been. It’s her version of the bucket list, and this year she started her own business and plans to learn to ski.

Meet Mindy the volunteer. Mindy loves London, and enjoys being involved in the community. Not only does she host numerous special events, but she volunteers with many organizations, such as Braz for the Cause, the CIBC Run for the Cure, The United Way, The William Singeris Foundation for Myotonic Dystrophy, and The Children’s Health Foundation at LHSC. Mindy believes that she has been blessed with a fantastic career that has provided her an opportunity to be in the public eye and that it is her responsibility, honour and privilege to 'give back' to the community she loves.

Meet Mindy the coach.  Whether you have a fear of speaking in public, or want to improve your skills and engage your own audience, Mindy can help you become more confident, more vibrant and more engaging when speaking in front of others. Currently, Mindy teaches in the Radio Broadcasting and Broadcast Journalism programs at Fanshawe College. Not only does she love teaching students, but she helps individuals and businesses too.

Meet Mindy the personality. What makes Mindy remarkable is that she has a dynamic and enthusiastic personality. She is professional, but enjoys having a lot of fun and knows just how to engage her audience! She continues to perform public speaking engagements, conduct seminars and do voice over work.

Now that you have a background about Mindy, she’d love to meet you! Contact her to engage her about what she can do for you, your business, or a special event.

What People Are Saying

"Mindy was always a delight to work with! As a co-host on New Years' Eve at the Hilton her spunky professionalism shone through. The sell-out crowds were always quick to engage Mindy and she was eager to reciprocate. Mindy's energy and enthusiasm helped make New Years' Eve a great success!"

Darrin Pollard, Business Development
London Convention Centre

"Mindy put on a great presentation to 30 youths that were attending the National Leadership Conference (Canada Youth Against Impaired Driving) in May 2011. Mindy had the young individuals comfortable in getting up in front of their peers doing tongue twisters and impromptu conversations. The young leaders really enjoyed the interactive presentation and left feeling empowered and realizing that the way they speak really does matter!"

Traci Boland, Board Member
Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving

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